photo of Suuz Martines, founder of Scubadorag I am Suuz Martines, designer, visual merchandiser and founder of ScubaDoRag™. When I first entered the scuba industry, I was amazed that most everything in the industry was black. I knew nothing about manufacturing – I only knew there were no products to colorfully and stylishly contain a diver’s hair. I developed a now-patented product and built the entire ScubaDoRag™ brand on visibility for safety, action and style. Being able to identify your gear and your buddy has been great and, with added products came an unexpected way to dress in what we call the adult version of Garanimals™ or color-coding your gear. Some of our customers have become known for the prints they wear and want dive products/accessories to coordinate.

I started Dive In Color, a lively group of Manufacturers, Resorts and Service Providers to encourage and support your quest to be colorful when you dive. We look at manufacturer’s dive products/accessories that coordinate with our products and invite them to show you how to
Dive In Color!